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Apache + Tomcat
How to install and configure Apache 2.0

I suppose you want to install Apache web server in a Linux operating system and with SSL support: I explain how to do that from the source code.

If you don't want to have SSL support you can skip the first two sections and read the last one.

To have SSL support it's necessary to install OpenSSL, Apache web server and the mod_ssl module.


1. Installing OpenSSL

You have to download OpenSSL from Internet to a local directory (I'll refer to it with $OPENSSL_SOURCE name).
To install OpenSSL you must follow these simple steps:

  • sh config
  • make

After that you have to configure the mod_ssl Apache module.


2. Configuring mod_ssl module

You have to download mod_ssl module from Internet to a local directory (I'll refer to it with $MODSSL_SOURCE name).
Then you have to follow these simple steps:

  • ./configure \
    --with-apache=$APACHE_SOURCE \
    --with-ssl=$OPENSSL_SOURCE \
    --prefix=$APACHE_HOME \

where $APACHE_HOME is the directory in which Apache will be installed.
The option "--enable-shared=ssl" enables the dynamic loading of mod_ssl module: if you need more informations about it, you can visit this page: http://httpd.apache.org/docs-2.0/dso.html


3. Apache 2.0 Installation

Now you have to follow these simple steps to complete the web server installation:

  • make
  • make certificate (only if you want SSL support)
  • make install

The command "make certificate" must be used only if you want SSL support and after you have used it will be ask you to enter a pass phrase. This pass phrase will be asked when you try to start Apache with SSL support.

Now you have your Apache web server installed in the $APACHE_HOME directory. You can start it giving this command to the shell:

$APACHE_HOME/bin/apachectl startssl

After that you can see your site at http://hostname/ and https://hostname/ (where hostname is the hostname of your Apache server).