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Firefox and PDFs? No more problems!
By Denis (on 7/26/2006 @ 22:35:28, in PDF Download, linked 4777 times)
PDF Download is a Firefox extension that allows to choose whether you want to view a PDF file inside the browser (as PDF or HTML) or you want to download it. This is the right extension for you if you are annoyed to click on a link and then discover that Firefox is loading the Adobe or other PDF plug-in (very heavy) and is trying to show a pdf file directly inside your browser. This extension, every time you click on a link, checks if the target is a pdf file and in this case let you choose what you want to do: open pdf file inside a new tab, download it to the file system or view it as HTML (like Google View as HTML feature).
More than 2 Million people have already downloaded the extension: visit the official PDF Download website and give it a try!

Denis (the developer of this wonderful extension)