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Extending human rights to the robots?
By Denis (on 4/26/2007 @ 09:25:11, in Robotics, linked 3786 times)
In these days there is a debate about autonomous robots and their rights. Robots are becoming more and more autonomous and used for several tasks: vacuum cleaner, military service, to take care of elder people, etc.
This debate was caused by a paper commissioned by the UK government, and complied by a group of futures researchers, the Outsights-Ipsos Mori partnership and the US-based Institute for the Future (IFTF). This paper (titled Utopian Dream or Rise of the Machines?), predicts that robots could one day demand the same citizen's rights as humans, including housing and even "robo-healthcare".
The study was "poorly informed, poorly supported by science and it is sensationalist" according to Professor Owen Holland. He does acknowledge a need for informed debate about the rights issue, however.

What will happen if an autonomous robot kills someone? Whose fault is it?