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Google's brand better than Microsoft
By Denis (on 4/27/2007 @ 08:33:29, in IT World, linked 3707 times)
From a recent report, Google's brand results to be the most important of the world. More than Coca-Cola or Microsoft! See the list of most powerful brands in the world (here as PDF file).
Google growth doesn't stop here: in March 2007 it became the most visited site in the world, surpassing again Microsoft (528 million of visitor for Google, 527 million for Microsoft).
Are these two facts the proof that things are changing in IT World? Google will definitively beat Microsoft?
People associates to Microsoft words like bug, service pack, poor security and so on. The same people, instead, associates to Google words like innovation, search engine, trendy, etc. There will be a reason why this kind of association is in place, don't you think?