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Can a blog make a loss of US $4 billion to Apple?
By Denis (on 5/17/2007 @ 21:55:00, in IT World, linked 3025 times)
16th May 2007: on Engadget at 11.49 am appears a post where there is written that Apple will delay the launch of IPhone until October and of Leopard until January. This news caused from 11.56 am to 12.02 am a loss of US $4 billion (the equivalent of 2.2% of Apple's value). Such event should make us thinking about the importance of the news reported also via Internet; in addition it proves that the news are spreading very fast thanks to Internet but also that websites should verify their sources before publishing the news (like made by the newspapers) especially because once published a news, this is immediately available worldwide. In this particular case, it seems that a trustworthy source supplied Engadget with an actual internal Apple email that went out to thousands of Apple employees where there was written the news of IPhone and Leopard delay. Few minutes after the news was published by Engadget, Apple sent an email to explain that the news was not correct and that they are in track with the IPhone and Leopard plans.