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Dell launches its first consumer PCs with Linux
By Admin (on 5/24/2007 @ 19:13:07, in IT World, linked 3269 times)
Good news for Linux! Dell Inc. officially launched its first three consumer PCs running Linux: two desktops and one laptop. Dell announced what flavor of Linux it would use in the PCs, Ubuntu 7.04, earlier this month. It's the same OS Michael Dell, the chairman and CEO of the company, uses on his Dell Precision M90 laptop at home.
As reported on Dell website, they decided to give the chance to have a computer with Linux already installed, in response to customer feedback collected at www.ideastorm.com, a Web site set up to solicit customer suggestions. Over 100,000 people participated in surveys about the systems and what kind of Linux to install in the machines, Dell said in a statement.
The prices of the PCs with Ubuntu already installed are competitive but not so cheap as somebody could have expected: the laptop starts at $599, while the two desktops, the Dimension E520 and XPS 410n, start from $599 and $849 each, respectively. A comparable XPS 410 with Windows Vista Premium costs $899.
In any case, this is for sure a victory for the Linux supporters: now it's the customer that chooses which OS to install!