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Hints for web design
By Denis (on 5/29/2007 @ 20:58:01, in IT World, linked 4133 times)
Do you plan to have a web site, either for commerce or just for personal use? With Web 2.0 revolution, it is more and more important to find good web designers able to build websites that are user friendly and easy to maintain.
Searching in the web, I've found a directory for web site design and web designers that could be useful for that purpose. The overall layout of a site has a huge impact on usability and on who will come back to your site in the future, so web page design ranging from site-wide to individual page content is an aspect worthy of major focus. Many resources are available online when it comes to making up a site but if you do decide that you would rather hire someone else for your web site design, then read some reviews before you sink money into a firm with a bad reputation.

If you know some other firms worth to be mentioned, write them in your comment.