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Are you looking for a good ColdFusion hosting?
By Denis (on 6/1/2007 @ 19:50:00, in IT World, linked 6750 times)
Even if most of the websites are using PHP, ASP.NET, or JSP pages, there is still a quite big market for alternative solutions. Among these there is Adobe ColdFusion, an application server and software development framework used in particular for development of dynamic web sites. If you plan on having any kinds of ColdFusion pages or applications built into your site then it will be important for you to decide on what kind of hosting you'll be getting because you'll need ColdFusion hosting as part of your package. There are many kinds of such hosting, some without many frills or options, and others with powerful control panels (such as Intermedia.net) so you have full control over how your ColdFusion web hosting treats your code. Also keep in mind that various hosts may be working with older versions of the software, so if you specifically need ColdFusion MX hosting definitely keep that in mind.

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