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Microsoft unveiled Surface
By Denis (on 5/30/2007 @ 22:39:34, in IT World, linked 4239 times)

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled his new product: Microsoft Surface. What is it? In his website Microsoft defines Surface as "Microsoft’s first surface computer that provides effortless interaction with digital content through natural hand gestures, touch and physical objects. Surface computing breaks down traditional barriers between people and technology, changing the way people interact with all kinds of everyday information — from photos to maps to menus."

Personally, I think the result achieved by Microsoft is quite impressive: a part from the multi-touch interface (already seen on the Apple iPhone), I really liked the interactivity that this product brings to you. You can plant a Bluetooth or WiFi-capable device on the table and it will be recognized instantly by Surface: then you can drag data from a device to another, see information about the device itself, etc. (see the video below).

The first companies to utilize the Surface will be Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc., and T-Mobile USA Inc.

Here is the video where you can see the key features of Microsoft Surface: