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PDF Download 0.8.1 is coming!!
By Denis (on 6/3/2007 @ 11:30:32, in PDF Download, linked 3465 times)
Good news for Firefox users: a new version of PDF Download has been released! It is currently under review by the Mozilla Team and hopefully it will be available in the next coming days. The major improvements are:
  • Fixed bug about URL, sent to the conversion mirrors, that contains special characters.
  • Fixed the detection of default PDF viewer: now it works also in Linux. The same work-around used in the Firefox Download Manager, has been implemented.
  • Introduced the possibility to type by hand the path of custom viewer: it is also possible to write just the name of the file (and not the absolute path) if the directory containing that file is defined in the PATH environment variable.
Another thing worth to be mentioned is that PDF Download website is now available also in italian, check it out!