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PDF Download 0.9 is out!
By Denis (on 9/2/2007 @ 10:42:55, in PDF Download, linked 3309 times)
Hi guys, wonderful news for you: PDF Download 0.9 has been published and it contains a great improvement for Mac users. Now, even if you are a Mac user, you will be able to select your custom PDF viewer in the PDF Download options.
Prior to 0.9 this was not possible and such users were getting the alert "This is not an executable file"; this was caused by the fact that Mac makes use of what they call "bundle" applications, that is, a special directory (where you cannot enter using the "Open file" dialog) containing all the resources needed by an application (and hence also the executable file to be launched).
Thanks to Davide Ficano, we've solved this issue and now all Mac users will be happy!

Another feature we've added in PDF Download 0.9 is the ability to intercept local PDF files that are linked from a web page (imagine an ebook with an index in HTML and the chapters in PDF). For the moment, when the local files are intercepted you do't have the chance to view them as HTML, but we are thinking to introduce the possibility to upload a local file to our mirrors to give the possibility to the user to view it as HTML.
What do you think about that?