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The final will be: Italy vs France
By Denis (on 7/5/2006 @ 22:57:41, in Personal Life, linked 3729 times)
Well, today France won against Portugal: the score was 1-0.

Actually, Portugal played a really good game and France scored a goal only thanks to a penalty that was almost a gift given to France from Carvalho.
Portugal insisted in attack until the last second and I think they deserved at least to end 1-1 the first 90 minutes.

Anyway, the final of World Cup 2006 will be Italy-France:


It will be the revenge of Italy against France. We still remember World Cup 1998 and the Europe Cup 2000.

Who will win? Of course I hope Italy, but I must say that France played quite well in the last two games, so I think they both have 50% of chances.