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Microsoft goes in F1
By Denis (on 7/7/2006 @ 08:36:59, in IT World, linked 3574 times)
Overnight it was announced that Microsoft MES has been selected as the official ECU (Electronic Control Units) supplier to F1 in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

I think this will be a huge challenge for Microsoft and it can be a big problem for Microsoft too. In fact, can you imagine Alonso going at 200 km/h and because of a Blue Screen of Death he goes straight instead of turning? If this happen, I'm sure that Microsoft will be close to the failure: let's hope the boys from Redmond are on the ball with F1 as anything less than perfect is not good enough in the world of F1 and it could prove to be the greatest gaffe in Public Relations history if perfection isn't achieved.

To be honest, I must remind also that Microsoft won the "Best Telematics Solution" at the "Telematic Detroit 2006" with its Microsoft Windows Mobile for Automotive platform.

At the end, I think that Microsoft has done the wrong choice: I would have been away from entering the F1 world. It's too risky for their brand.