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You are thinking "why rabotat?". Ok, I'll tell you.

I'm interested in robotics and you must know that the term robot was proposed in a comedy of the thirties written by bohemian Karel Capek, which titled "Rosum Universal Robot", where the Rosum character (whose name comes from the Czech verb "rosumit", which means think) is the one who thinks and order (the master), while the robot personality (whose name comes from the Czech verb "rabotat" which means "to work") is the one who works and obeys (the slave).

So Rosum and robot are the emblematic personalities of the cooperation between thought and action.

One remembers, moreover, that the robot name was proposed to Karel Capek by the brother Joseph Capek, sculptor, and specifies himself that the verb "rabotat" (work) as well as the substantive "rabota", which means work, come from the root "raba", which means slave.

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